Wholesale Fashion Apparel That Can Strut Its Stuff

During your free time you want to go shopping at your favorite store, and the clothes they have there is not what you are looking for; you want to wear something that can turn heads in your direction. So you have the bright idea to start your own store. The only problem is you need clothes that are trendy, affordable, and eye-catching. You are going to need wholesale fashion apparel, not just any wholesale apparel, but clothes that are affordable for you as a store owner and clothes that you can sell at affordable prices.

You need wholesale apparel distributors whose main focus is trendy clothes at reasonable prices; because the best price will not always get you the best clothes. You need to stock your store with wholesale women apparel that will simply fly off the rack. Many wholesale apparel distributors do not have what you want, the majority have simple clothes that many women will not be caught dead in. No one wants to buy blouses or skirts that would not be suitable for any season. Women want to buy clothes that follow the latest trends.

Wholesaler apparel is not always appealing; it may be pretty to look at but not pretty to wear. No one wants to wear a tank top with a picture of a kitten on it, that may be suitable for someone’s grandmother but not for women who are into the latest fashion trends. Another thing to consider when searching for wholesale apparel distributors is how they interact with their customers, and whether or not they want to keep their customers satisfied or are just thinking about profit only. That is the problem with many people who already have clothing stores and are not satisfied with their current wholesale apparel distributors. Many of these wholesalers do not care about trends, they do not care about what women want to wear. Many wholesalers are just the factory; you need a place to go visit such as a showroom to see what they are really about.

If you are looking for wholesaler apparel that wants women to feel comfortable in the clothes, so comfortable that can make shy women strut their stuff; whether it is down the street or in their living room. Women need to know that what they wear always looks fabulous and is always in style. You know you can trust a wholesale apparel company when they not only have a website to direct their customers to buying their products, but also have a physical space to go and try on the clothes yourself to see whether or not you want their apparel to represent your clothing store.

So you could be a first time entrepreneur, or an experienced business owner who needs wholesale fashion apparel that best represents your style as well as your customers. There is no better place to look then SpringImportUSA; they have the trends, the style, and the selection at an affordable price. They know how to make women feel comfortable and look good at the same time.

Your Upcoming Winter Fashion Must Haves

As the leaves turn yellow and red and begin to fall from the trees, everyone’s winter gear has already begun to appear. By that, of course, I mean scarves, boots, Uggs, and Peacoats. Joining the roster for this season is skinny jeans, and a couple of surprises.

Other than the addition of sexy leather jackets, winter coat trends have looked pretty classic so far this season. Peacoats still inspire a look of elegance, class and tradition. Investing in a warm one is always a great idea, if its high quality it will be wearable for years to come. Trench coats are another coat that never goes out of style. They are waist-defining and can be the perfect touch to any winter outfit. Anyone who’s seen Emma Watson in Burberry’s new ads will instantly fall in love with this style.

If you’re in college or have no need for a truly warm winter coat, why not invest in a NorthFace? They’ve remained a hit with younger adults for the past four years and are perfect for fall weather and early spring.

Clearly the biggest trend in pants right now is skinny jeans and leggings. For this winter, it’s wise to invest in a great pair of skinny jeans to tuck into boots or wear out with heels or flats. They make your legs look longer and have a sophisticated appeal. One new trend in denim is zippered skinny jeans to make them even more skinny.

Leggings seem to be here to stay for a while and can be worn in all of the same ways skinny jeans can, so try a warm winter pair from American Apparel, or a heavy, ribbed knit pair from BCBG if you’re looking to spend a bit more. Denim leggings are also in, thanks to Paris Hilton sporting them for tabloids, so check out JBrand’s “Jeggings” for a comfortable, slim-fitting denim substitute.

Boots have been a huge fashion trend this fall and will continue to be so as we head into the winter months. And why shouldn’t they be? They keep your feet warm, they look sexy, and they fit nicely over trendy skinny jeans and leggings. Leather and suede are as popular as ever, although they are accompanied by some new, unexpected trends.

Anyone following fashion has seen over the knee boots and has either loved them or reacted with horror. This style is rather shocking and is probably best found in large cities or fashion forward areas, and solely on leggy women. When trying out this style, it is important to be sure that you are wearing the boots and that you are not merely an accessory for your flashy new footwear. They can be hard to dress with as well: skinny jeans, leggings, and skirts all work, but there is certainly a time and place for these boots.

An old classic, the western cowboy boot is back, this time embellished with buckles and heels. These also work incredibly with skinny jeans, leggings, and skirts. The styles are endless, and who would have thought there could be so many variations on a piece of footwear worn by men who rode horses all day? When rocking these, try to keep the other western-esque articles of clothing to a minimum. You wouldn’t want to ruin your new boots by looking like you just rode out of a film featuring Roy Rogers and Trigger.

Uggs are quickly becoming a winter footwear classic despite their many haters. You really can’t deny that these keep your feet warm during the colder months. You can wear them with pretty much anything, and be sure to check out some of the newest styles on the Uggs website if you’re weary of wearing any of the traditional Uggs styles.

Cage heels are another style that various celebrities have been sporting recently. These are pretty daring, but can make your legs look incredibly sexy. Pair them with leggings or mini skirts for the best overall effect. For ideas on how to wear them, check out pictures of Leighton Meester and Olivia Wilde, both of whom are huge fans of this alarming new style.

Scarves are always are great investment to add to your winter closet. Go for a classic Burberry scarf if you’re looking to spend a lot. For a trendy, soft, and warm option, check out one of the dozens of colors by Love Quotes, a celebrity favorite.

Essence of Ethical Fashion in Modern Age

In today’s age, you must have heard a lot about ethical wear. Though the concept of ethical fashion has made it, most people do not have a clear idea about what it is. To help you get informed about this new trend of fashion, we will discuss some crucial aspects.

What is Ethical Fashion?

Ethical fashion covers many different aspects. The clothing can be made of organic components and with ethical stamps and standards such as fairtrade organic cotton. Designers use only safe and chemical free components that are eco friendly and without any side effects. The clothing may be second hand (covering vintage, recycled, upcycled, rewear, preloved) which means the items are recycled. Instead of throwing the clothing into landfills, the items are worn and loved again. The clothing company may be partnered with a charity donating money to a good cause. The clothing company may just have an ethical outlook where it tries to decrease its environmental impact and increase its labour standards. Most importantly it is about promoting less waste and more positive change in the clothing industry.

Nowadays there are various popular brands that support organic fashion. With the growing demand of these fashion items, more companies are coming up with special ethical collections that are in sync with the trend and demand of customers.

Things to Consider When Buying Ethical Items

If you have a unique sense of fashion, ethical wear can be your best choice. However when buying these environment friendly items, there are some important things to consider:

- Impact on the environment: Ethical products should be free from any chemical usage that can prove to be harmful or they can be recycled. Made from ingredients that are natural and 100% safe, ethical wear should have a proper trade process without hampering the balance of the environment.

- Proper trade process and remuneration: Comprising of a fair trade process is another essential aspect of this fashion trend. From growing the crop to designing it with handcrafted art, this process maintains to follow a fair play with good remuneration for all.

- Matching items: Thirdly, you will need to pick out matching ethical jewellery to complement the look. This will include handmade pieces, or fairtrade gold.

There are many designers who offer a variety of exclusive ethical wear at budget cost. Stand out of the crowd with a sense of fashion that is unique and different.

Fashion For Plus Size Women

According to plus size supermodel, Liis Windischmann, “Beauty is found in various sizes. We need to stop defining women by size and simply accept that beauty comes in all forms”

The fashion world may be largely biased towards plus size women, but that doesn’t mean designers are going the same way. With many voluptuous women demanding stylish clothes which are hip and trendy, designers are capitalizing on this market by creating fashion apparel meant specifically for the 14+ size.

But they still have a long way to go. Fashion experts are slowly trying to fill the demand for high-end curvy fashion. For women who are petite and plump, getting clothes stitched is another option. By working closely with your tailor, he can design clothes for your body which will fit you like a second glove. It’s not necessary to stick to the rules. You can bend, even break them. If you’re bored with the usual stripes, experiment with vertical elements or look for a shirt with a little embroidery or lace edging on the blouse. If you are purchasing stripes, stick to vertical lines.

Add a blazer or cardigan if you’re going for a monochromatic effect. Accessorize yourself with scarves, pantyhose, belts and jewelry. Look for scarves with long vertical ends. Wear thin belts and avoid big bulky ones. Long necklaces or pendants on a V-neck; add more glamor and suaveness to your attire, giving your neck an elongated finish. Wear heels which have an inch or two of heel in them. If you are petite and a plus sized beauty, go for smaller prints so that your outfit isn’t too overwhelming.

Mix and match always. Don’t be afraid to go for different proportional outfits. Avoid fabrics that will cling to your body so that they do not highlight your curves and make them stand out. Find a signature style for yourself. Once you discover you’re best feature, emphasize it as much as possible. If there are some designs in your wardrobe which you love wearing focus on buying or stitching things similar to them. When accessorizing don’t go overboard, try and complement your figure, not compete with it.

To show off your lovely legs, try a one piece dress, one which will highlight your curves well, silhouetting your figure. Capris and wide trendy pants can make you look skinnier and taller at the same time. Pump these up with high heels for good measure.

With the fashion industry making more room for plus size models and designers joining the bandwagon by starting plus size lines, women who are above a size 12 no longer have to sacrifice fashion trends or quality. But more than the latest trends, you have to feel confident of your body as a woman. Just because a certain trend is all the rage, doesn’t mean it is for you.

Prom Trends for 2011: Dress Colors to Hair Styles

We all remember our first prom and our last prom we went to. With the upcoming prom season coming into season, let’s take a look at the latest 2011 fashion trends. Many teenager girls are busy at this time, we are going to look at a few fashion trends to help you. We will cover dress styles and color and what will be hot and not. Spring is a pound us and we are all reading the latest fashion magazines for the next hot prom dress.

It is not fun to be the last-minute shopper, crammed into a department store fighting for your dream dress with hundreds of other girls. We will take a look to get a head start on what style and color to choose. This season you have a fabulous array of colors to choose from. Green, teal, fuchsia, pink and yellow are the most popular colors of the season. Choosing a hue to match your color tone is a must for any diva girl to look her best. Cozy and snug tones of yellow, coral and pink are very superb for enhancing an all organic produced tan. While very nice colors are ordinarily matching on peach undertones.

More trends include, bold patterns like stripes and floral print, bright colors or black or white, Pinafores, prairie look new wave, slouchy style mini dresses, as well as empire waist baby-doll dresses. They are back in style again. Hair styles for Prom 2011 include all about relaxed, casual look. Prim up dos have been long replaced by long waves pinned back, braids, twists, romantic, soft up dos and messy buns. If you are unsure of any the listed above. Why not try the half-up/half-down prom hairstyles. Not everyone has long flowing hair. Why not look at the short hair trends for Prom. Short hair is sassy and sophisticated. Matched with the right dress and jewelry it can steal the show. A side note on classic prom up dos. Are you more classy than sassy, more mild than wild?

The classic prom hairstyles include mostly up dos featured on the celebrity red carpet. If up dos is just not your style. What law is written you have to go with that style? The long and wavy prom hairstyle looks very gorgeous and is a very hot trend for prom 2011.

I hope this article has helped you get a head start on some of the 2011 Prom trends. If you need a Prom Dress for 2011 to match your style please visit us.